Student Kit Bundle 2021

Undoubtably, one of the most exciting days for new students who join LLS is DAY ONE of the course. It is here that you start your journey with us; you start working with your new tutor and classmates, and you are presented with your official LLS ADIDAS UNIFORM. Each new student receives a core kit bundle, and we have an online shop where additional items can be purchased throughout the year.

We always want our students to feel proud in their uniform, so we consistently ask for student feedback. With that in mind, this year’s core bundle will include a hoodie, track pants, T-shirt and padded winter jacket.

Each year we source our branded uniform at the best possible price, to ensure we find the best balance between quality, affordability and the unique LLS style.

The global pandemic has been a difficult time for everybody, and we understand that people up and down the country have been financially affected, which is why LLS are offering support to those who need it most*. Below there are 3 payment options for uniform, with a breakdown of each payment plan.


Includes £40 deposit**


July  = £40 deposit**
August = £130 (final payment)



July = £30 deposit**
August = £70 (final payment)

*To access LLS financial support, your household should be receiving one or more of the following support payments; Free School Meals, Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit.  

**Initial deposit is non-refundable.